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Federalism Matters

"It's true that Republicans have often been more clearly associated with federalism. But both sides are fair-weather federalists. Both sides will, depending on the politics of the moment, prefer state or national power, depending on where they're in control. People ought to have a more enduring commitment to federalism for democratic reasons-that's the aim of my research agenda….I'm delighted to have people come late to the party. And I hope to convince them that this shouldn't be a short-term commitment because they don't like the politics of the moment. A commitment to federalism should really be a long-term commitment based on the importance of democratic design."


—  Heather Gerken

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Take a free course on federalism and earn Continuing Legal Education Credit. The online course is divided into six short (10-12 minute) modules. It is taught by constitutional law professors and federalism scholars from some of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the country.  Credit can be earned in three steps:

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