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Federalism Organizations

Federalism is found throughout the world and is not native only to the United States. This dashboard seeks to provide a greater understanding of how Federalism is a worldwide practice allowing countries to customize and adjust practices and laws to suit the needs of their citizens. 


 While Federalism differs from country to country, some common elements consist of

1) a written constitution,

2) at least two levels of government,

3) aims at finding a balance among various interest groups.

This allows for self-rule in areas such as public healthcare, education, and broadcasting.

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What is Federalism?

In a video by the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), they explain what federalism looks like worldwide. This video also provides insights into the advantages and disadvantages that comes with choosing a federal system of government. 

Global Federalism

Of the roughly 25 federalist countries around the world, 17 countries are home to over 44 international organizations dealing with federalism. The scope of individual organizations vary, but all touch on issues such as inter-state/region relations, research on government and law dealing with federalism, and constitutional studies. 

U.S. Federalism Committees

Legislative chambers in all 50 states have separate committees for education, finance, health, and criminal justice.  The National Conference of State Legislators in 2017 provided a list identifying federalism committees (including committees that have added federal-state relations to responsibilities of existing committees). This list provided the baseline for our research leading our team to identify 33 legislative chambers with established "federalism" committees in 26 states. These committees carry out a wide variety of functions, including, but not limited to: the creation of panels to monitor how states' autonomy are impacted by federal laws, an opportunity to enhance dialogue, examine boundaries and roles regarding federal-state relations, as well as strive for a proper balance in our federal system.



As of 2020, there are 33 active U.S. Federalism Committees in 26 states. Globally, there are 44 organizations in 17 countries. 


There are approximately 25 federal countries around the world and include some of the largest democracies--India, Brazil, Germany, the US, and Mexico. Roughly 40% of the world's population lives within a federal country. 


Active Federalism Committees monitor and deal with issues regarding the relationship between a State and the Federal Government.  Committees are nonpartisan and not specific to a region, thus manifesting how federalism is a relevant topic for a diverse audience. 

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