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Federalism Organizations

Federalism is found throughout the world and is not native only to the United States. This dashboard seeks to provide a greater understanding of how Federalism is a worldwide practice allowing countries to customize and adjust practices and laws to suit the needs of their citizens. 


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"Federalism is a means of ensuring peace, stability, and mutual accommodation in countries that have territorially concentrated differences of identity, ethnicity, religion or language. Federalism, especially in large or diverse countries, can also improve service delivery and democratic resilience, ensure decisions are made at the most appropriate level, protect against the over-concentration of power and resources, and create more opportunities for democratic participation."  - International IDEA 

Global Federalism Organizations

U.S. Federalism Committees


1.As of 2020, there are 33 active U.S. Federalism Committees in 26 states. Globally, there are 44 organizations in 17 countries. 

2.There are approximately 25 federal countries around the world and include some of the largest democracies--India, Brazil, Germany, the US, and Mexico. Roughly 40% of the world's population lives within a federal country. 

3. Active Federalism Committees monitor and deal with issues regarding the relationship between a State and the Federal Government.  Committees are nonpartisan and not specific to a region, thus manifesting how federalism is a relevant topic for a diverse audience. 

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