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OCTOBER 21-22 2020

Federalism on Trial: Lessons from COVID-19 

A Federalism Index Project Virtual Event



October 21-22, 2020


Coronavirus has put American Federalism in the national and international spotlight. Join the Federalism Index Project and our partners as we explore the Constitutional, legal, and social challenges of COVID-19.   

SCHEDULE: October 21

9-10:30 AM: Understanding Federalism 

  • John Kincaid, "COVID-19 and Models of Federalism"

  • John Dinan, "Federalism Scholarship and the U.S. response to COVID19: Insights and Future Directions"

  • Jennifer Selin, "Federalism in the Time of Corona: A Cautionary Tale"  

  • Moderator: Andy S. Bibby, Center for Constitutional Studies

11-12:30 PM: COVID-19 and the U.S. Constitution 

  • John Vile, "Continuing Lessons on federalism from the COVID-19 pandemic"

  • Robert Nagel, "Ideology, the Pandemic, and the Future of Federalism."

  • Alan Tarr, "Covid-19 and the Generation of Constitutional Conflict"

  • Moderator: Scott Paul, Center for Constitutional Studies 

1-2:30 PM: Federalism, COVID-19, and Political Culture

  • Don Kettl, "Is Federalism Obsolete?" 

  • Greg Goelzhauser, "Polarization and Federal Systems" 

  • Lance Sorenson, "Two Cheers for Federalism in 2020" 

  • Carl Scott, "Township Federalism in the 21st Century" 

  • Moderator: Sam Hill, Center for Constitutional Studies

3-4:30 PM: Federalism, Liberty, and Public Health

  • Keith Whittington, "Does Public Health Now Exceed State Competence?" 

  • Ilya Somin, "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom"

  • Carmel Shachar, "Federalism, Public Health, and Pandemics" 

  • Moderator: Troy Smith

SCHEDULE: October 22

9-10:30 AM: The Politics and Economics of Re-opening 

  • Walter Olson, Regulations and Re-opening

  • Lauren Heller, "Covid-19 and Government Failure" 

  • Daniel J. Mallinson

  • Moderator, Andy S. Bibby, Center for Constitutional Studies 

11-12:30 PM: State and Local Leadership During COVID-19

  • J. Edwin Benton, Challenges to Federalism and Lessons from the COVID-19 Experience

  • Nancy J. Knauer, [Reliance on State and Local Actors]

  • Alexandra Cockerham "Power and Limits of American Federalism"

  • Alan Greenblatt [States and Localities During COVID-19]

  • Moderator: Alan Tarr

1-2:30 PM: American Federalism Looking Forward

  • Ernest Young, "Federalism Goes Viral"

  • Gary Gerstle, The New Federalism

  • Troy Smith, "Framing the Debate Around COVID-19"

  • Moderator: Scott Paul, Center for Constitutional Studies 

Videos of this conference are available to view at the link below.

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