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April 7, 2022

Federalism Facing Forward

A Federalism Index Project Event

This event was sponsored and made possible by the Utah Federalism Commission 

Conference Videos Coming Soon


April 7, 2022


The recent resurgence of interest in federalism, from both the American left and right, makes this an ideal time to examine the unique challenges facing Utah as it navigates an increasingly complex world of intergovernmental relations. This one-day mini-conference provides a glimpse into the possibilities and problems facing Utah in the areas of public land use and education policy. The Federalism Index Project is excited to be able to offer legislators, policymakers, and citizens a forum to develop ideas for how Utah, by virtue of its unique circumstances, can lead the way toward a model of federalism that is cooperative, not coercive, and that helps to shine a light on the virtues of a compound federal republic.

Audience and Speakers /

This is an in-person event. Participants are welcome to join us at Utah Valley University in Classroom Building 101 C. This space is available to the public. We follow standard university guidelines relating to COVID-19 and other health protocols. If you have any questions about in-person attendance, please email the CCS Events and Marketing program manager at

SCHEDULE: April 7th

Sessions will be held in CB 101 C

10:00 AM: Public Lands

  • Dustin Jansen, "How Land Status Affects the Exercise of Land Management and Jurisdiction"

  • Zoe Nemerever, "Federalism and Land in the United States"

  • Karla Jones, "Transfer of Select Western Federal Lands to State Control Has Environmental, Economic and National Security Benefits"

2:30 PM: Education Policy—State and Federal Religious Liberty Protections in Conflict: the Future of Blaine Amendments ​​

  • Steven Smith, "The Religion Clauses and Federal Jurisdiction"

  • John Meiser, "Blaine Amendments and State Funding for Religious Schools"

Moderator: Robert Burton

**Speakers and Titles May be Subject to Change


Videos of our previous conferences are available to view at the link below.

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