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State Constitutions and American Federalism Clips

Taken from the Federalism Index Project's Fall 2021 Conference, explore clips that describe various functions, aspects, and implications of state constitutions. Watch the full lectures on our Conference Videos Page.

How Can Constitutions Be Amended?

Can States Create Different Rights?

How Are State Constitutions Different?

Is It Political?


Why Does It Matter?

Do We Put Too Much on Amendment Procedure?

Have Amendments in Utah Changed or Increased?

What is the Predictor of Why More Amendments Are at State Level?

Why Do the States Vary So Much?

Why is the Constitution Different?

Constitution for Federalism

How Can CCS Help?

How Different is the Utah Constitution?

How Do States Change?

How Does Constitution Updating Take Place at the Federal Level?

If State Constitutions Play These Roles, Why is Knowledge So Low?

Is the State's Approach to Constitutional Amendment Good or Bad?

Is State Constitutional Change Good?

What is the Difference Between Federal and State?

Why Are State Constitutions Longer?

Why Are State Constitutions Relevant to Scholarship?

Why Are State Constitutions Unique?

Why Do State Constitutions Get Longer?

Advantages of State Amendments to Expand Rights

Rights Expanded at the State Level

Specific Protections in State Amendments

State Constitutions as Guardians of Rights

Who Plays a Role in Defining Rights?

Madison: Why Rights Needed to be in the Constitution

The Anderson Case

Why Are There Differences in Constitutions?

Why Do States Change?

Can Lower Levels Make a Difference?

Can Localities Fight Back?

How Has Federalism Local Government Changed?

What Can Localities Do if All Else Fails?

What Can Localities Do?

What is Federalism: How Does it Relate to Localism?

States Revising Constitutions: 1820-1879 Map

Why Do State Constitutions Matter?

How Are State Constitutions Different?

Implications on Constitutional Realignments?

Why a Federal Constitution Proved so Durable?

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