• Emily Linford

Our Final Week of Federalism Month

Updated: Jul 22

We have concluded our final week of federalism month. We are especially grateful this week for Christopher Dreisbach who wrote a new article on our blog. We also want to thank Rodney Smith for his time and wonderful insights on James Madison and federalism. We hope that you have enjoyed our new content and hope you stay tuned for new updates and posts on our blog. Here's the final recap for this past week:

1. Our new blog post by Rev. Christopher Dreisbach which focuses on becoming literate in regards to federalism: Federalism Literacy

2. An interview with our CCS director, Rodney Smith, who talks about thinking like a "Madisonian" (Video Transcript):

3. Last Thursday we remembered that on May 28, 1788, the second volume of the Federalist Papers, encompassing essays 40 through 85, were published in New York. These essays, written by John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, were instrumental in prompting New York to ratify the new federal constitution. To this day, the Federalist Papers are still the defining discourse on the ideals and hopes the Founders had for this nation and serve as a guide to anyone seeking greater constitutional literacy.

4. Our final quiz on State and Federal Relations. Complete it on our social media, for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card:


5. A look back at one of our past conference lectures where, in this video, Paul Moreno discusses the Founder’s original goals for federalism and what state’s roles should be within that system:

Thank you all for your support during this month! We hope you continue to follow the CCS on social media. We are excited for what is to come next for the Federalism Index Project so stay tuned for new content on our website.

Emily Linford

Editor, Federalism Index Project


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