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Federalism Index Project

The 2020 Federalism Index features four Dashboards: 

  • Federal Regulations

  • Public Opinion

  • Constitutional Knowledge

  • Federalism Committees by State

Each dashboard displays data for various key indicators relevant to understanding and evaluating important aspects of the American federal system. 

Constitutional Knowledge

What do Americans know about the American federal system? Considering the importance of civic knowledge in evaluating the health of the federal system, this dashboard attempts to provide a comprehensive overview of existing research on how well Americans know their own federal system. Initial research suggests that compared to Constitutional literacy in other areas understanding of federalism is low.

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Federalism Committees

by State

Federalism Committees provide states an opportunity to enhance dialogue, examine boundaries and roles regarding federal-state relations, as well as strive for a proper balance in our federal system.  It is interesting to note that these committees are not specific to a particular region or political party - showing that federalism is a topic that is relevant to a wide range of people.


The concentration of regulatory power in the federal government over the last 100 years has raised numerous concerns related to government efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and trust. Measuring variation in regulations provides a perspective on American federalism that can not be captured in other standard measures.

Public Opinion

Citizen attitudes toward the American federal system have changed over time. The Public Opinion Dashboard tracks key indicators of how much Americans trust their government, and how they feel about the power, efficiency, and accountability at different levels of government.

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