Federalism Committees

Legislative chambers in all 50 states have separate committees for education, finance, health, and criminal justice. Starting with a list provided by the National Conference of State Legislators in 2017 - which identified federalism committees (which includes committees that have added federal-state relations to responsibilities of existing committees) - our team has identified 46 legislative chambers in 28 states, with established "federalism" committees. These committees carry out a wide variety of functions, including the creation of panels to monitor how states' autonomy are impacted by federal laws.

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Currently there are 46 active Federalism Committees in 28 states.


Active Federalism Committees monitor or deal with federalism issues and the relationship between the State and Federal government.


It is interesting to note that these committees are not specific to a particular region or political party - showing that federalism is a topic that is relevant to a wide range of people.

  • NCSL "Sidebar: State-Federal Relations Committees Grow in Number"


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