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The Federalism Index strives to measure federalism through two different views: modern and historical.

Modern Federalism


The modern view focuses on measuring the relationship between the federal and state government in the past few decades, as well as informing the user on topics that are currently being debated in the political and philosophical arenas.

The current view is split into different project areas such as regulations, public lands, spending, etc. that can be seen on our projects page.

The Federal Regulations Dashboard is our first dashboard for our current analysis of federalism.  It explores different aspects of regulatory activity and how it has changed over time.  Users will be able to create their own data sets using the interactive graphs as well as explore information regarding the data sets and find links to explore the topics in greater depth.


Click here to explore the dashboard

Historical Federalism

The historical view measures key moments or "chapters" in American history where federalism has been explored or redefined, leading to our current system today through key empirical data.

To explore a timeline highlighting these various chapters click here.

The Federalism Index 2.0 is going live.


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