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American Federalism Committees

Federalism is often said to have been the unique contribution of the American framers. Yet, it is not a uniquely American phenomenon. Today there are at least 27 federal countries in the world, all of which can provide students and teachers with useful ways to think and reflect on the strengths and limitations of the federal idea. 


Federal arrangements offer a way to balance shared rule with self rule. Decentralized federal systems can provide a way to accommodate ethnic, linguistic, religious, or ideological differences—especially in large pluralist societies. Some scholars argue that federalism is one of the most important keys to modern international problem solving. Despite some predictions to the contrary, cultural and regional differences have not disappeared, but intensified.

This dashboard presents an introductory overview of how federalism has shaped—and in turn been shaped—by different societies, cultures, and political institutions across the globe. 

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Global Organizations

U.S. Committees


U.S. Committees

U.S. Federalism Committees

Promoting Coordination and Cooperation between all 50 States. 

Legislative chambers in all 50 states have separate committees for education, finance, health, and criminal justice. The National Conference of State Legislators in 2017 provided a list identifying federalism committees (including committees that have added federal-state relations to responsibilities of existing committees). This list provided the baseline for our research leading our team to identify 33 legislative chambers with established "federalism" committees in 26 states. These committees carry out a wide variety of functions, including, but not limited to: the creation of panels to monitor how states' autonomy are impacted by federal laws, an opportunity to enhance dialogue, examine boundaries and roles regarding federal-state relations, as well as strive for a proper balance in our federal system. 

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